History of the town
Regional museum


The town is situated in the picturesque surroundings, on the right bank of the Volga, on cape, at which the river sharply changes its direction from west - east to a direction north - south. Yuryevets park zone, Asaphov's, Bykov's, Zavarinskiye islands, Baranovsky and Sacred keys are monuments of the nature of republican and local value.

The green zone of Yuryevets lespromkhoz streched out on 70 kilometers from north to south and on 33 kilometers from west to east along the right bank of the Volga and Gorky reservoir. It covers also the territory of Yuryevets and Puchezh districts.

Yuryevets district, disposed on border of taiga and mixed woods is one of the best places in Russia for a hunt for a blackcock and wood grouse. The town is situated on paths of migration of the wild geese, the all-the-year-round hunt for the wolf, ice-fishing and fising in the opened pools are possible. The hunt is allowed: all-the-year-round - for the wolf, spring hunt - in April - for goose, duck, blackcock, wood grouse; summer and autumn hunt - for migrant bird - ducks and geese; autumn-winter hunt for a lamb, wild boar, fox, hare, musk-rat, beaver, raccoon, lynx. Fish is found in the Volga and its tributaries - pike perch, pike, bream, perch, cat-fish. Absence of heavy industry and poor development of manufacturing industry create favorable ecology of the district. The Volga flows 173 kilometers on Ivanovo region, from them more than sixty within the bounds of Yuryevets district. Now up to 35 species of fish live in Volga: pike perch, bream, pike, somas, burbot, sazan, perch, carp, ide, vobla, roach, tench, bleak, crucian etc.