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Regional Museum

Address: 155450 Ivanovo region, Yuryevets, Tarkovsky's street, 2.

The regional museum " Museums of Yuryevets " consists of 4 museums - historical and local lore museum, architects brothers Vesnins' house museum, A. Tarkovsky museum centre, Cherkasskiye House.

Beginning of study of local lore was connected with the organization of Yuryevets department in Ivanovo-Voznesensk science and local lore society in 1924.

The decision to grant a museum a location in one of buildings of the Vkhodo- Jerusalem cathedral was accepted in 1927. In 1938 the museum moved to the building of former Bogoyavlenskaya church.

In 1986 the building of church was passed to Ivanovo - Kineshemskaya eparchy, and the funds of a museum were temporarily closed down.

The collection of Yuryevets museum contains over 7000 displays. In the collection of graphic works are watercolours of local and Moscow artists. The collection of painting is represented by works of artists: Trubnikov D.A. (1885-1947), Nefedov I.N. (1887-1976), Sekirin N.P. (1899-1962), Korygin K.N. (1894-1953), Troitsky M.N. (1907-1962), Shegal G.M, (I S89-1956), These are paintings of 20-40 years.

There are over 700 exhibits in the archaeological collection. includes more than 700 units of a battery-drive storage. They were finding out in archeological digs: Sokolskoye I site, Pushkarikha site of ancient settlement, Georgiyevskaya mountain, Aleshkovskiye barrows.

There are three sections of precious metals:

  1. numismatic collection: silver coins, honours, medals.
  2. phaleristic collection
  3. works of applied art

The collection of arms is represented by articles of XVII -XVIII centuries - pole- axes, bear-spears, hatchets, sabres of Alexander I time. Among fire-arms the special interest represent blunderbusses of XVIII-XIX centuries, capsule guns of II half of XIX century.

Old Russian painting collection contains icons: " Blessed Simon " XIX c., "Saint Reverent Tikhon Lukhovsky" XIX, beginning of XX c., "Tikhvin Mother of God " 1820, " Saint Avraamy" beginning of XIX c., " Cathedral of Saints " the middle of XIX c., " Saint Kazan Mother of God " the second half of XIX c., "Saint Khristofor " XIX c., " Jerusalem Mother of God " XVIII- XIX, Carved wooden sculpture of XIX century is represented by five works: "Crucifixion", "Martha", "Cherub", "Mary", "Christ in a prison".

The collection of arts and crafts is diverse and interesting, contains articles: religious end of XIX beginning of XX c. (candlesticks, crosses), secular of XVII c. (inkwells, ladles, valleys, scoops), collection of Valdai bells of XIX c., porcelain collection of Kuznetsov and Verbil'uk factories of 20-30 years, things of everyday life, crafts and trades from wood, rod, bast, metal.