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Yuryevets historical and art museum

Address: Yuryevrts, Tarkovsky's street, 2

The historical and art museum of Yuryevets was opened on December 28, 1999 in a building constructed in 1903 by a merchant - mayor A.L.Flyagin. Museum exposition consists of 4 halls

Hall 1 "Spirit of a place"

This hall comprises material about religious history of the town Icons from Yuryevets temples, articles of church plate, old printed books and photo of churches are collected here.

Collection of wooden sculpture of XIX century and Old Belief chains are of great interest.

Hall 2 "History of Yuryevets from 111 thousand B.C. till the end of XIX c."

The exhibits of this hall tell us about the history of Yuryeve1s from the first settlement to our time. We can know about Yuryevets as fortress, trading centre, the town of bargehaulers and craftsmen.

Hall 3 "Drawing room for all times, end of XIX beginning of XX c."

In this hall the cultural life on a boundary of XIX - XX c. is widely represented. The interior of a drawing room characterizes life of town intelligency, life and secular entertainments of youth. Photos of Yuryevets famous people and paintings of well- known artists are collected here.

Hall 4 "XX century"

This hall tells about a history of impetuous events from the end of XX century till our time. Tragical events of three revolutions, wars, periods of collectivization and industrialization, bui1ding of Gorky hydroelectric power station have changed life and appearance of town. But Yuryevets inhabitants remember pioneer and komsomol organizations, demonstratings and meetings in honour of 1 May. They are the history of our country.