History of the town
Foundation of the town
City and way of life in ancient town
Development navidation on the Volga
Flooding of the town's part
The present day of the town
Regional museum

Foundation of town

Yuryevets, founded by Great Prince Yuri II Vsevolodovich in 1225, stands on the Volga. Yuryevets was town-warrior, town-fortress on the east border of Vladimir- Suzdal principality.

According to Russian annals, prince Yuri was born in Vladimir in 1189. The most part of his life Yuri Vsevolodovich spent in a saddle, in campaigns, in battles. From the early age he participated in the most dangerous campaigns of his father.

Yuri was not simply Vsevolod's favourite son, but also his adherent. The policy of great prince was supported by Yuri. In the time of Yuri Vsevolodovich the honorauble for Russians peace with 8ulgarians was made. In the time of Yuri Vsevolodovich Verhnevolzhye has become russian for ever.

Yuri Vsevolodovich was named the builder prince for his building of many towns. The story goes that he was the founder of legendary Kitezh. The town became invisible and Baty-khan couldn't capture it. Yuri Vsevolodovich had tragical fate. He was courageous soldier and talented commander, but his retinue was smashed and he was killed in action on Sit river.

It is known only that the first Yuryevets fortress was wooden and situated on Georgiyevskaya mountain. This fortress burned very often, but it was rebuilt. The detailed exposition of new wooden fortress is given in Yuryevets-Povolsky Pistsovaya book in 1676. From the chronicle it is known, that the burg was wooden, made of pine and fur-tree, length of walls was about 700 meters, there were two gates - Posadskiye and Polevye, no towers. Georgiyevskaya mountain did not remain to our time. Now it is possible to see only well preserved bank and ditches of its last fortress named in Pistsovaya book as Stone town.