History of the town
Foundation of the town
City and way of life in ancient town
Development navidation on the Volga
Flooding of the town's part
The present day of the town
Regional museum

Navigation development on the Volga

From 20 thousand haulers, working in 1857 in Kostroma province, 15 thousand were employed in Yuryeve8 district. Many of them were from Yuryevets. A. K.Savrasov devoted his picture "The Volga near Yuryevets ", painted in 1871, to bargehaulers. Bargehaulers walking in file were the essential detail of Yuryevets landscape. Bechevnik, ancient haulers track, went on a bankt of the Volga along all town.

The first experiences of shipping company on Volga began in the 20-th years of XIX century. The steam tugboat "Volga" began its first navigation in 1843. With growth of steam fleet bargehaulers did not part with Volga - they became sailors, pilots, were employed as loaders on quay.

Ship business was developed here: Yuryevets people were engaged in construction of wooden boats from olden times.