History of the town
Foundation of the town
City and way of life in ancient town
Development navidation on the Volga
Flooding of the town's part
The present day of the town
Regional museum

The present day of the town

Now the town is widely stretched on mountains and hills of the long ridge on a bank of the Volga. First the streets of town clinging to the bank, then they zoom to slopes to the park zone.

From 170 streets, lanes, squars the main Soviet street (former Georgiyevskaya) and trading square are the most ancient. They are, as well as the town, already hundreds years. They are in an old part of Yuryevets, in hollow, covered by a dam. Reconstruction of a dam, its hardening and extantion is going now. The reconstruction of quay for large ships began.

The main description of this time is comprehention of values, returning to spiritual heritage. There is an intensive restoring of churches and temples, study of cultural heritage of city in the town.