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Vkhodo-Iyerusalimsky cathedral

The ensemble of the Vkhodo-Iyerusalimsky cathedral consists of two cathedrals and a bell tower. The old (winter) Vkhodo-Iyerusalimsky cathedral was build in 1733. Its architecture goes back to the simple and majestic shapes of ancient temple. Alongside, a little to the north, summer Vkhodo-Iyerusalimsky cathedral is situated. It was build in the style of Russian classicism, for hundred years later. The author of the project was Kostroma government architect P.I.Fursov.

The construction of a new (summer) Vkhodo-Iyerusalimsky cathedral was completed in 1833. The cathedral ensemble was completed by construction of the bell tower in 1840. It is situated separately, to the south of an old cathedral. It is erected in style of classicism with elements of earlier baroque.

Total height of the building is about 70 meters. The bell tower of the main town temple became the center of Yuryevets panorama. Raising above buildings, the bell tower argues in height with neighboring mountains, and on architecture it is considered to be one of the most well-proportioned and beautiful on the Volga.