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Blagoveshchenskaya church

This church is one of the most perceptible pages of Yuryevets stone annals. The church was esteemed, there acre 72 icons in it, thirty printed books. The city began to build stone temples. Blagoveshchenskaya church with a bell tower was the first. It was erected in 1700, consecrated in 1702 by Kazan metropolitan Tikhon. The church was taking to pieces. And there was the iconostasis invented, painted on a wall in XVII century. The uniqueness of this highly artistic art so amazes, that art council of the Large Soviet Encyclopedia has recognized this fresco as one of best in the country.

Iconostasis is made according to canons of Russian orthodox church. The iconostasis was florid and at the same time harmonic. The hand of the first-class foreman painted it. The iconostasis is more severe and delicate work, than works of Yaroslavl foremen. Rescued and restored flescos of Yuryevets Blagoveshchenskaya church are possible to1ook in Rublev museum in Moscow.